The future is going to be incredibly different. Here’s how to prepare.
The Future Is Going to Be Incredibly Different.
Paul D. Roberts, an innovation consultant and Singularity University faculty member discussing the Exponential Future, sharing his expertise on exponential technologies and the future of digital transformation at the 2024 edition of LINKS, Liberty Network's thought leadership customer event in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

LINKS 2024 opened with the words of Charles Dickens as read by Paul D. Roberts, Faculty Member at the Singularity University and business consultant: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. We were all going directly to Heaven. We were all going direct the other way."

This sobering yet hopeful tone pervaded throughout Roberts’ talk, which revolved around the impact of AI, DNA, and quantum computing on various industries, including the telecom sector. Titled "The Exponential Future," it was a masterclass on approaching the world with an abundance mindset.

Roberts said that by 2050, there will be 9.7 billion people on the Earth, and with that figure comes a huge challenge: bridging the food and land gaps. The World Resource estimates that, at the current rate, the food industry will need to find the land equivalent of two India’s to satisfy the increasing needs of the growing human population.

One of the creative solutions to this problem is meat derived from animal cells, which would effectively reduce 90% of agricultural land, 92% of greenhouse gases, and 94% of pollution. When approaching technological innovation challenges, Roberts preached a similar forward-looking mindset. "AI is going to be like electricity; it’s going to be everywhere," he said.

According to Ray Kurzweil, complete artificial general intelligence (AGI), understood as computer-generated intelligence capable of performing well or better than humans in a wide range of cognitive fields, is anticipated to be achieved by 2029. AGI will undoubtedly impact human labor, compel humans to reimagine themselves, and think of new ways to add unique economic value.

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Another piece of technological innovation that Roberts brought attention to was quantum computing. By leveraging superposition and entanglement, these systems can more efficiently break encryption and solve complex computing problems like dynamic optimization.

Companies like Brilliance are developing quantum computers that can work at room temperature and be applied to a wide range of practical problems. That’s the case of Cleveland Hospitals, which is already using quantum computing to model chemicals and improve drug development.

Aging is another problem that, until recently, has not been regarded as solvable. Roberts shared Aubrey de Grey’s theory of aging as a "disease state" that can be reversed through DNA editing.

A wide variety of illnesses can be prevented thanks to genetic modification and other deterioration (our epigenetic genes) that arise due to aging. "Your DNA is programming, and the longer you live, the more and more corrupted it gets," he said.

Ultimately, Roberts reassured his audience that the great contribution of these technological advances is unleashing the potential of the human imagination. When facing the uncertainties of the future, particularly in the field of telecommunications, he asked us all to remember three crucial questions: "Am I thinking big enough? Am I thinking differently enough? And am I thinking courageously enough?"

"This is how you create wealth," Roberts said. In a room full of investors, one could have added: this is also how you attract wealth.

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