Liberty Networks deploys Taara's wireless optical communication technology to increase high-capacity connectivity in the Eastern Caribbean region
Liberty Networks Deploys Taara’s
Taara, a project at X (formerly known as Google X), provided an innovative solution using   invisible light beams transmitted through the air to provide broadband connection between telecom nodes.

In partnership with Taara, Liberty Networks provided resilient high-speed internet connectivity to customers in Anguilla.

MIAMI, FL. – November 1, 2023: Liberty Networks, a leading infrastructure and enterprise connectivity provider in Latin America and the Caribbean, part of Liberty Latin America (LLA), announced today that it had successfully deployed Taara’s wireless optical communication technology to enhance high-speed data connection between two Caribbean islands. Taara is a moonshot for connectivity at X, Alphabet’s moonshot factory.

In August this year, Liberty Networks completed a final repair to a spur of the Eastern Caribbean Fiber System (ECFS),  which connects Anguilla with neighboring islands and the rest of the world. The spur had already undergone a temporary repair following an incident with a vessel’s anchor earlier in the year. The final repair and planned system maintenance downtime provided the ideal opportunity to deploy the new Taara technology alongside existing microwave radio system technology as an additional form of broadband service delivery.

Taara’s technology uses beams of light to enable high-speed data transmission through the air. To create a link, the beam is sent between two Taara terminals, which are small and quick to deploy. The technology complements existing microwave systems, but provides significantly more capacity, up to 20 Gbps. During the subsea cable repair, Taara’s link beamed 10 Gbps successfully across 18 kilometers from St. Martin to Anguilla, helping to maintain broadband service for residents, businesses, and essential services to over 11,500 customers in Anguilla.

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"We are thrilled to partner with Taara at X, deploying their innovative technology," said Ray Collins, Liberty Latin America's SVP of Infrastructure and Corporate Strategy. "This state-of-the-art technology not only supported the maintenance of the existing connectivity successfully but, as it is left in place, also strengthens the continued resilience of our network with triple redundancy now in place, ensuring uninterrupted communication and business continuity for our customers in Anguilla. We see further use cases for this cutting-edge technology following this successful deployment.” 

“We were honored to help Liberty Networks to quickly deploy fiber-like connectivity using Taara’s wireless optical solution. We look forward to working with Liberty Networks to broaden the use of this technology, which provides resilient high-capacity backhaul,” said Mahesh Krishnaswamy, General Manager of Taara.

Liberty Networks is committed to leveraging innovative technologies to deliver reliable, high-performance connectivity solutions. The company continues to connect communities and transform lives through strategic partnerships and new approaches to connectivity.


Liberty Networks is a leading infrastructure and enterprise connectivity provider in Latin America and the Caribbean, connecting approximately 40 countries with nearly 50,000 kilometers of submarine fiber optic cable and 17,000 kilometers of terrestrial networks. At Liberty Networks, we partner with enterprises, carriers, and business communities, leveraging our expansive network infrastructure, next-generation solutions portfolio, and data center network to provide a solid foundation that enables business success across the region. To learn more about Liberty Networks, visit and follow us on LinkedIn, X, and YouTube.


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