Introducing LINKS: A Connected Leadership Experience

Introducing LINKS: A Connected Leadership Experience

From June 21st to 23rd, some of the leading minds in the telecommunications industry will descend upon Playa del Carmen, Mexico, for an action-packed series of in-depth conversations, unique insights, and unparalleled networking opportunities.

Liberty Networks, a part of Liberty Latin America, presents LINKS: A connected leadership experience.

What can attendees expect from the conference?

  • Learning from top industry leaders
  • Sharing experiences and challenges with like-minded professionals
  • Gaining an understanding of the latest technology trends and innovations
  • Forging partnerships with stakeholders from across our network
  • Sharing new perspectives
  • Gathering insights to develop new frameworks for innovation and success


Crucially, this event will unite a diverse range of stakeholders in our industry: carriers, hyper scalers, retailers, manufacturers, finance and banking leaders, education innovators, and healthcare pioneers. It is through mutual understanding and cooperation that the industry will thrive, and ultimately provide the best results to all stakeholders.

At the core of the three-day event are a series of presentations from telecommunications experts. From practitioners to engineers to visionary innovators, the hundreds of attendees in the audience will benefit from learning about the most cutting-edge topics in the international telecommunications space – all from the people leading the charge.

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Ray Collins, Liberty Latin America’s SVP of Infrastructure & Corporate Strategy, will kick-off the event by showcasing what makes us special: our consumer-centric culture, our unified commercial strategy, and our unique global network, just to name a few.

International executive Doron Hacmon will take us on a short journey through a rapidly forming AI landscape that brings big opportunities and at the same time immense fears. Ronald Alvarenga, CEO of InSwitch, will discuss the democratization of access to financial services. Tech evangelist Samir Estefan will help us think through how the latest generation of tech can revolutionize the connected world. And much, much more.

Beyond these keynote presentations, the Playa del Carmen event offers a truly unique opportunity to network with some of the most influential members in our industry and share insights and experiences.

The biggest IT decision-makers in Latin America, the Caribbean, and North America will be present at LINKS next week. And we are excited to take you with us along the way. Follow our LinkedIn page for more insights from the conference over the coming weeks.

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